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    A premium strain, organically grown and slow cured to maintain its high levels of CBG, Alleviate Flower is a rare glory.  Sativa never looked or tasted so good. Almost 0% THC, this hemp flower is noticeably different from CBD flower. Frosted, dense, with a unique and subtle flavor that still does the trick! Sweet butter and warm earthy notes are the first notes, then followed by a lemon citrus taste to immerse you in the wonderful effects it brings. 


    Your mood, focus, sleep, and appetite will all get a boost with Alleviate.

    • Aroma: Light and earthy, subtle yeasty smell, and overall pleasant taste. How do you make something better? Start with something great! CBG hemp flower contains some of the lowest THC concentrations possible and the benefits are medically promising.
    • Bud Structure: Light green foliage with white frosty trichomes. These hemp flowers look like they have been rolled in sugar, resulting in large crystalline buds.
    • Feelings: Electrifying, uplifting, clarity, focus. improving mood, and reduced anxiety. Using it in combination with high CBD may increase the effect.
    • Cannabinoid Profile: 0.34% CBD | 0.13% THC |< Delta 9| 15.6% CBGA
    • Total Terpenes: 1.18% | Top three in order of dominance (Farnesene| Caryophyllene| beta-Myrcene)

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